How to apply

Step 1:

Click “Get started” to begin application into schools

Step 2:

Sign up by filling the bio-data form displayed

Step 3:

You would get a “SUCCESS” notification upon submission of the bio-data form

Step 4:

Proceed to login and fill out the Student/Application form located in the top right corner of to be eligible to apply to the pool of schools by clicking “Edit”

Step 5:

Upload your present school details

Step 6:

Fill out the Parent/Guardian details

Step 7:

Upload your child's picture according to the specification

Kindly note that all fields must be filled to begin application to schools

Step 8:

Click “application” to begin applying to your preferred school(s).

Kindly note that you can apply to as many schools as you choose. To see the schools listed on, Click “List all schools”

Step 9:

Click the "Apply" button below the information section of your preferred school to submit an application.

On the application page, select an exam date, venue and payment method (Scratch card, Bank PINs or Online Payment) and submit the application.

Step 10:

Download exam practice questions here to prepare for the exams.

NOTE: You can always refer to this application guide at any point. You can also reach us via the live Chat below for instant support

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